Wednesday, January 29, 2014

☞ DWELL: Contract Out at 710 Riverside

Press kits have been submitted this week announcing the arrival of the new condo conversion called 710 Riverside in Hamilton Heights.  There will be 18 units available in all,  ranging from $426K for the smaller units and up to $818K for the largest condo which is a 3 bedroom in the prewar building.  Curbed now reports that a 982-square-foot 2BR/2BA listed for $638,800 already has a contract out so things are getting off to a quick start at this development by West 148th Street: LINK

More details at:


  1. Way too expensive...makes no sense.

  2. The prices are in line with other condos in the neighborhood

  3. Many of the rental buildings in Hamilton Heights are prepping for co-op/condo conversions. If you are currently renting an apartment you like and are offered to buy into a conversion, do it! If not, it won't be many more years before you'll be priced out of the neighborhood when it comes to rentals.

    You'll know a conversion is coming when they start renovating apartments, replacing electric/piping and the exterior.