Monday, January 13, 2014

DWELL: Lower Convent Avenue Under $2 Million?

A Bespoke reader had inquired if there were any townhouses in the Lower Convent Avenue neighborhood currently available for around $2 million so we did some research.  A home at number 468 West 145th Street is a block away from the coveted address and is asking $1.2 million since it needs work.   This could be a savvy investment for the right buyer who know what they are doing but is not for everyone: LINK

 Other than that, one would have to go further north on Convent and spend about $2.2 million for a house at Number 430 Convent Avenue at 149th Street: LINK


  1. I would not include properties on 145th Street, which is extremely noisy with a 2x2-way traffic on a major East-to-West Harlem path. The property listed on 468 W 145th St does not have much appeal and does need a huge amount of work.

  2. Might be best for a developer buy and convert to several condos