Wednesday, January 22, 2014

☞ DWELL: Moving From The Upper West Side

The Times does a story on a Upper West Side couple who initially looked for a 3-bedroom apartment for around $1.8 million within Manhattan and realized they could buy a house in Harlem for that price.  Having a family and kids was in the horizon so this made more sense but a South Harlem brownstones that needed work was asking for a bit too much.  Central Harlem on 132nd Street ended up being the place to be because one home had everything they were looking for.  Soon after, these former Upper West Side denizens discovered that they loved their new location more than their old hood since they have been embraced by the diverse block and felt more like true neighbors.  More in the New York Times: LINK


  1. Their new home is beautiful. And a far better value than anything they would ever find in their old neighborhood. I know because I'm also a recent transplant from the upper west side.

  2. That house was really, really cute. Even though it is a 2-family property, it was set up like a 1-family with a "bonus" apartment on the ground floor. Very sweet deal for the new buyers I am so happy to hear they love their new home!

  3. I wondered if we were the exception. When we renovated a derelict brownstone 10 years ago, long term residents on the central Harlem block cheered - literally - and welcomed our family. I heard this story this week. We are not the exception. Investment in Harlem and other neighborhoods is helping everybody.