Friday, January 17, 2014

☞ EAT: Brunch Above 135th Street

Finding a great spot for brunch around or above 135th Street can be challenging but a handful of great options have opened in recent years.  Here is our the recommended Bespoke list:

Yatenga, 2269 ACP/7th Avenue by 134th Street has a great brunch on Saturday and Sunday.   The French bistro in Central Harlem has been solid on charm and food for dinner service so the brunch with unlimited cocktails for $30 should be the real deal for those who are into afternoon libations.  Brunch prixe fixe hours are from 10:00AM to 4:00PM.  For more on Yatenga, check out our past post: LINK

Mountain Bird, 231 West 145th Street, between FDB/8th and ACP 7th Avenue.  Our choice for best new restaurant in 2013 now is offering up Sunday service.  Sunday Brunch from 11:30AM-3:30PM: LINK

The Grange, 1635 Amsterdam Avenue and 141st Street, Sunday Brunch Service starting at 10:30AM: LINK

Il Caffe Latte 145th Street, 458 West 145th Street between Amsterdam and Convent Avenue.  The new west Harlem branch of the popular cafe does not serve up a traditional brunch but the usual cafe menu of burgers, croissant sandwiches, egg plates, hash browns and bacon are on hand.  More on Il Caffe Latte 145th Street in our previous post: LINK


  1. The Grange has killer eggs benedict, killer! And I'm going back for my second Sunday in a row to Mountain Bird. Il Caffe Latte has the most amazing chilaquiles. Woo!

    Love your posts, I forward them to people to get them to see the beauty that is Central and Upper Harlem, and Im' going to check out Yatenga soon.

  2. Had fantastic chicken and waffles for brunch at the Grange a few weeks ago.

    Everything on this list is terrific; also fairly decent are Covo, La Condesa and Harlem Public.

  3. Harlem Public shut down their brunch menu but serves their regular menu during the day time