Monday, January 6, 2014

☞ EXERCISE: Harlem Gyms for 2014

Gym chains were not so common in Harlem a few years back but now many options can be found uptown for those who want to seriously get in shape for 2014.  Most recently, the affordable chain of Equinox called Blink Fitness has opened on 125th Street just west of FDB/8th Avenue for a membership fee of less than $20 per month.

New York Sports Club probably has the largest presence uptown with branches at FDB/8th Avenue at 124th Street and one further up on West 145th Street.  There is also one on Fifth Avenue and 115th Street for those who live closer to Central Park.  All the facilities are modern since they tend to be in the retail spaces of the new buildings that have recently gone up and certain membership contracts can get one access to all the locations.

NYSC is probably the most expensive gym in Harlem but there are few cheaper options out there for those on a budget.  The Lucille Roberts at Amsterdam and 125th Street is women only but memberships are extremely affordable.  Membership at Planet Fitness on the West 126th and Lenox also seems to be a little more cost friendly than the other New York gyms out there.  A second Planet Fitness has now opened at 125th Street by ACP/7th Avenue for those who live a little further west. On the East Harlem side, there's a Bally Total Fitness at Third Avenue and 106th Street but we are not too sure on the monthly fee of that particular branch. 


  1. There's also NYC fitness on Broadway at 145th

  2. Another Planet Fitness at Broadway and 157th