Friday, January 24, 2014

☞ READ: Mountain Bird in Zagat

The Zagat website has listed Mountain Bird at 231 West 145th Street as the Must-Try restaurant of the moment on their website.  We stopped by again last night at the small eatery on the unassuming block just east of FDB and had a taste of their fantastic signature fois gras dumpling soup, a highly recommended, rich Moulard duck entree and the new ostrich tartare special which is one of the best dishes we have tasted in some time.  As Zagat confirms, Mountain Bird is only for the true foodie who appreciates the subtle French offerings and reservations are highly recommended because the restaurant only seats 19 guests.  More photos and a complete review on Zagat: LINK

UPDATE:  Also Eater NY has just uploaded some great photos of the interior this morning: LINK


  1. Added the link to the Eater NY feature that was posted this morning.

  2. Only for the true foodie? I disagree

  3. Picky eaters might have an issue with the menu but some items like the Chicken Schnitzel should work for everyone.