Wednesday, January 15, 2014

☞ RENT: 615 West 144th Street

Manhattan rents are quite high these days and not much is available that is in a decent location but we have been covering some of the better deals as they appear before they disappear.  

Our rental of the week is in West Harlem at 615 West 144th Street which is a two bedroom going for $1,650 a month in Hamilton Heights.  This is the rate for many studios downtown and the two bedroom set up means that each roommate is contributing well under $900 a month for this newly renovated interior with rich dark floors and prewar details.  The location is just west of Broadway,  a block from the 1 train station and a ten minute walk to ABCD station at 145th Street. We like the immediate neighborhood because this section of Hamilton Heights has picked up in development in the past year and most of the old buildings are intact.  Some great local spots such as Harlem Public, The Grange, The Chipped Cup and Il Caffe Latte 145th Street are all within easy walking distance.  More detail on Streeteasy: LINK

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