Thursday, January 2, 2014

☞ SEE: A Local Landmark on Film

Inside Llewyn Davis is a film about the 1960's folk music scene in New York City but the lead character eventually hitchhikes to the midwest for a gig at a swank nightclub.  We immediately recognized the location used for the venue as the Greater Refuge Temple on 124th Street and ACP/7th Avenue (lower photo) which was originally one of Harlem's oldest ballrooms but has been transformed in recent decades.  The Harlem Casino at 2081 Seventh Avenue was built sometimes in 1890 and by 1910 would become a Loew's Theater. Operating through the 1930's the Loew's eventually closed and a church would take over the space by the 1960's.  Architecture in that said decade did not really stand up to the test of time but provides a look at what was considered modern for that period and also shows how that concept can be fleeting.  Archival photos courtesy of NYPL. Current photo by Ulysses.

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