Wednesday, February 26, 2014


One of the most distinct early century passage tunnels in the city has been hidden away over by the Hudson until recently.  We happened to walk by the area along the south border of West Harlem over the weekend and noticed how this architectural structure could really be great for a location scout working on  film or photography.

One of the more hidden spaces in Harlem can be found over by the Hudson River under the Manhattanville Viaduct's south end.  This area has been mostly restored in the past year and one can now have free access to a dramatic tunnel that was originally designed with subway tiles on the inside walls.  The city has not fully repaired the interior so wire mesh and supporting elements line a portion of the tunnel now.  It all looks modernist in a way and would be pretty ideal for a photo or video shoot location.  Last year, the main steps to this tunnel was open to the public for the first time since we can remember: LINK

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