Thursday, February 27, 2014


A few friends had mentioned that the bathrooms at the Red Rooster were quite special but we did not get a chance to check them out until a recent visit.  Most of finishes at the top floor of Marcus Samuelsson's famous eatery are decidedly modern but the white walls of the two water closets towards the back are a little more classic and have intricate moulding along with some nicely framed art.

What is exceptional about the aesthetic mix here is that each frame is vintage but everything comes out more modern because of the mix of different details.  Bamboo, deep bevels, gold rimmed and decorative carved elements are all represented. Then there are the portraits contained within that tells the story of generations and reminds us all of the great people from our collective histories.   With that said, we recommend anyone stopping by for a drink at the main bar to definitely make it a point to head towards the back to see the hidden artwork of the Red Rooster


  1. Hey Bespoke! Check out the poetry on Canvas in front of the Mandela picture near the bar of Red Rooster...amazing and very different!!

  2. awesome. I might have snuck my pic up. shhhhhh