Wednesday, February 19, 2014

☞ BESPOKE: An Inspiration From Connie's Inn

Italian fashion powerhouse Prada released a series of photos this week inspired by the Harlem Renaissance and the one most distinct point of reference can be found in old photo's of Connie's Inn.  As one can see, the clothes in the collection are mainly modern but the hair and the setting of the campaign refers to Harlem's Jazz years.  We picked out Connie's Inn because old photos always show a circular decorative ceiling which often had plush fabric radiating out from the center light fixture.  As far as modern day Harlem goes, these clubs have been slowly dismantled over the decades and the building that housed Connie's was sold and demolished to make way for condos in the past year.

How great would it to have a new establishment in Harlem that actually takes a fashionable example from some of Harlem great old clubs?  Ginny's Supper Club at Red Rooster comes to mind but nothing else quite comes close to the romantic qualities of early 20th century interiors that seem be making its way to other establishments in the city but has skipped Harlem for the most part.

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