Thursday, February 20, 2014

☞ DRINK: A'dar Lounge Opens by 116th

A tip came in that a Moroccan lounge called A'dar has opened on Lexington Avenue by 116th Street. The location is a bit odd but this lounge and hookah bar looks a lot better than the less finished looking establishment that opened on lower FDB last year.  We kind of wish instead of all the neon, that there were more ethnic flourishes such as the decorative tiles that are so amazing in Morocco but some of the detailing is a least there within.  Check out all of the interior photos on Yelp: LINK

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  1. Why the location is a bit odd? because it is not located in the "restaurant row"? For your information as soon as the second avenue subway is open in 2016, East Harlem will get more developed than the other areas in Harlem. There is already on 116 street a really nice Italian restaurant called Amore, a really nice wine store(fancy for the area. It is just a matter of time. I hope you post this.