Friday, February 14, 2014

☞ DWELL: 157 West 118th Street Sold Higher

Townhouses south of 125th Street and west of 5th Avenue appear to still be a desirable location for some buyers.  Looking at the sales record for Number 157 West 118th Street, we noticed that the 3-family home asking for $2.5 million eventually sold for $2.610 million based on public records.  The location just east of ACP/7th Avenue is just a block away from the Mount Morris Park Historic District but has pretty moderate finishes in the interior.  If this house was further north, buyers would probably expect a higher end renovation for this price point but the more south location probably is the selling point here.


  1. wouldn't that be West of 5th Ave? And Neil Patrick Harris didn't seem to mind being above 125th.

  2. Yes correct, West of Fifth Avenue which Neal Patrick Harris is located at just by 126th Street. That townhouse has extremely high end finishes and loads of original details which is why it made its record sale. Plus the location is convenient enough even though not in South Harlem.

  3. It is also the school district. District three goes from West of Fifth to 120th street, south to 59th street.