Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Food critic Alan Richman takes a tour of Harlem's top three new restaurants including Minton's, The Cecil and Mountain Bird.  After reading the GQ article, one gets that the food critic really has a high taste level and pretty much knows what he is talking about.  Out of the three eateries, one of them receives the best overall review for food, decor and service while the other two reviews are a bit more mixed.  Read more of the feature which is a one of the better articles on the Harlem dining scene that we have read in some time: LINK

New York Magazine's Grub Street sums up the Richman article today also for those who want the edited version: LINK

Here is Eater's translation of the long article: LINK

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  1. I think this is a fair assessment of the three establishments. I've been disappointed in The Cecil and Minton's. I found the food at the Cecil to just be too sweet, whether it was supposed to be or not. Add an overpriced wine list that's not even current (trying to pass off younger wines at the older wine prices) and it's just not worth visiting. Shame too - lovely spot. Minton's suffers from a similar issue; why make the trek when the food is not very good and the music is not that exciting. I love the idea of getting high-end offerings in the neighborhood and I welcome the opportunity to pay a premium for a great meal in our neighborhood. But this just isn't it. The days of shrugging off lackluster food and service as a "Harlem thing" are over.