Wednesday, February 12, 2014

☞ REMEMBER: At the Hollywood Cafe c.1960

This photo from 1960 by Shawn Walker shows the Hollywood Cafe at one of Harlem's major intersections.  Can anyone guess the location?  There is a major landmark somewhat visible in the photo and we will post the current image later in the day.

Those guessing 116th and 7th Avenue are correct since the former Regent Theatre is in the background which was then an RKO movie palace at the point in tim.  Today it is a Baptist Church that has kept the facade together all these years.

Image via Old New York Tumblr


  1. 116th between ACP and Lenox.

  2. Outside of googling the photo credit details, one can see that the RKO theatre in the background is the one used as a church on ACP today so this is just east of 7th Avenue on 116th.

  3. I'm guessing 116th looking west toward what is today First Corinthian Baptist Church. Also one can see the elevated Morningside Heights in the foreground