Tuesday, February 4, 2014

☞ RENT: A Modern Furnished SRO Studio

Studios in Manhattan for under $1,000 a month can be difficult to come by and one upgraded model in Central Harlem tries to sell the SRO angle with modern amenities.  This building at 2299 ACP/7th Avenue had some publicity in New York magazine lately when the developer basically removed all of the old beautiful plasterwork and converted it into a contemporary, furnished rental.

The aesthetics are actually quite good for modern sensibilities and that sleek murphy bed makes a whole lot of sense for studio living.  But what is the questionable part of SRO living?  Basically only one bathroom down the hallway so everyone has to be really comfortable with one another in the household.  We actually think this is one of the better blocks by 134th Street on Upper ACP which has Shrine and Yatenga just around the corner.  Anyways, this all can be yours for $1,099 a month with no fee as a perk: LINK

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