Monday, February 10, 2014

☞ REVIVE: 801-807 Saint Nicholas Avenue

A couple of questions came in on the activity in recents weeks pertaining to 801-807 Saint Nicholas Avenue and we did some research on the abandoned building.  As most have guessed, the prewar apartment complex at the corner of 150th Street is city owned and it appears that new apartments will arrive on this corner of Sugar Hill in the near future.  Permits approved last October stipulate that 42 units will arrive altogether when all is finished.  There will probably be an affordable component to this rental development for it appears that is usually the case for most government buildings.   Renovations for local buildings have been rather contextual recently and we just hope that the city also restores the cornice at the top like they have been doing in the past few years: LINK


  1. Will they be rentals, or will they be sold?

  2. We mentioned rentals because HPD is not in the business of selling condos. Usually the city sells the building to a developer if a condo conversion is at hand. Seeing that this is still HPD property, we assume rentals.

  3. there was just a fire here the other day, not sure how bad the damage was.