Friday, February 28, 2014


A few years back, butcher shops were trending in Central Harlem but now only one has stood the test of time.  It all started with Harlem's Meat on St. Nicholas Avenue at 124th Street back in 2010 and then Meat Market opened on upper Fifth Avenue a year later.  Harlem Shambles would then arrive on lower FDB by the end of 2011 but now is the only one remaining.
Harlem's Meat has just recently shuttered and will apparently move locations to the east side.  Meat Market never lasted more than a year or so and had suffered from a major lack of curb appeal.  Seeing that Harlem's Meat was at a busy intersection adjacent to the express trains by 125th Street, one would expect the business to be brisk but the more commercial venture did not appear to attract the general public in this section of town.

Harlem Shambles on the other hand has a more artisan feel to it and even has reclaimed wood floors within the interior of a brand new space.  This type of old world feeling is missing in Harlem for the most part and the Shambles found that need in the market.  For future better retailers, this boutique model might be the way to go for the movement is happening everywhere else in the city and the public's taste has become more specialized.


  1. I love Harlem Shambles! I go there almost once a week even though I live on the upper west side.

  2. Is there a place to get Kosher or Halal meat in Harlem?

  3. Lots of places for Halal meat along the 116th St corridor - including across from Harlem Shambles. But none of particularly inspirational quality.

  4. Wait, so is Meat Market not open?