Thursday, February 13, 2014

☞ SHOP: Gabriela's Baroque Violin and Viola

We walked by the shuttered St. Nick's Pub by 149th on St. Nicholas Avenue this past weekend and noticed that a new shop had open to the adjacent store directly north of the historic club.  Gabriela's Baroque Violin and Viola has a nice little bespoke sign up on the curved corner next door and it appears that the artisan instrument maker is the one to go to up on Sugar Hill for those in classical music world.  There are so many music students in Harlem and musicians so this is a great addition to the neighborhood for those looking to buy a new instrument or seeking repair needs.  Check out the full details on the custom instruments and services at the store's website:


  1. Very cool. I hope that stretch of st nicholas gets developed a little more. The old st nicks pub and lundys could be cool restaurants.

  2. Mama K's is there and is great!