Tuesday, March 25, 2014


The Bespoke afterwork crew went out for a quick drink at La Bodega 47 at Lenox and 118th to check out the new spot in the Mount Morris Park neighborhood.  We tend to like to just get to what's good about a place so the specialty drinks at $12 are definitely worthy of the price point and the small plates that are set from $9-$16 are solid with strong hits of flavor.  Our drink for the night was The Mexican Wedding which was a mango-based cocktail with savory hints that made it more complex. There was giant prawn and tomato bruschetta with olives for around $12 that had 2 medium sized toast servings and was probably the best thing I ate all week.  With that said, one is paying over $6 for each shrimp  which is probably steep for some folks who just want to drink and have nibble

La Bodega 47 at the end is a lounge and the bar now takes over the center space of the establishment popular with locals.  This drink spot will probably be great for summer cheers and the happy hour from 4:00PM-7:00PM offers up well drinks at $6 and cocktails for $9 so that might be the time to go for folks on a budget.  A table next to us ordered the substantial chicken wing plate for $8 and a Mussel & Fries option on the menu that goes for $12 will probably be on our list for things to try next time when we are more in a dining mood.


  1. I'm sure it's really great but I still miss Native.

  2. They need to do something about the facade. I walk by there every day -- including last night -- and I assumed the place was still closed.

    I applaud the owner on his plan to make the place more trendy. But the execution has been very poor. The way the facade is set up, it's very uninviting. You could easily walk by there and have no idea there's a lounge/bar there (I'm sure many people do). The xeroxed placards of soap and dishwashing detergent that line the windows are part of the problem. Take those down and let the windows exist naturally. Right now, from the outside at least, it's just terrible.

    1. La Bodega 47 Social Club is a modern speakeasy. As the concept of the speakeasy which hails from the Prohibition Era is to create a hidden nightlife venue, the understated facade is intentional.

    2. I can understand both views. Great for concept. Maybe not so great for business. But then, they may already have the clientele they need and want.