Friday, March 28, 2014


The new house that recently arrived on the market at 33 West 131st Street for the asking of $1.39 million might be good for those who are decorators or interior designers.  This multi-family home located between Lenox and Fifth Avenue has had all of the infrastructure upgraded so the work left to do is really just the finishes.   We love the original wood floors and can imagine putting a dark stain on them and adding back some of the mouldings on the walls (base boards usually are around 12 or more inches high for this type of interior).  This might be perfect for those who want a fixer upper but do not like the idea of handling a full gut reno: LINK


  1. we looked at this place - the owner really did a great job of restoring the details like pocket doors and was clever about space. the big problem for us was the lack of living room on parlor floor - literally lack of -as there was really no room for a proper even small living space. but great detail was restored.

  2. I also looked at this place and the owner was renovating it with such love. What is done thus far is beautiful... but the narrow footprint of the house is challenging.