Monday, March 24, 2014


When traveling to Tokyo for business in the past, we always admired the donburi offerings that were common throughout the city but always wondered when a restaurant serving up the specialty rice bowls would arrive in New York City.  Now Jin Ramen just below 125th Street on Broadway has opened Jin Kissaten next door and serves up the savory bowls that have the classic Japanese combinations of flavors.  Curried rice with pickled vegetables and poached egg starts out at $8, Oyako Don with the crispy chicken cutlet, egg, and seasoned onions go for $9 or a Grilled Eel Unagi Don is offered up for $15 a bowl.

Unconventional combinations such as a Kimichi Pork Don are also offered up for $10 or a spicy Mabo Tofu Don for $8 but we went for the $12 Sake Ikura which is sashimi styled salmon sushi and salmon roe served over rice with shiso and fresh herbs.  A bit of soy on the side is added before eating and one gets a chirashi style quick meal at a shop that doubles as a coffee shop during the day.  Pastries and such are the norm until 2:005:00PM when the donburi service kicks in.  Another point to note is that Jin Kissaten is tight on space and serves everything communally on a high table so do not expect romantic dates at this eatery.  With that said the, food is solid Japanese fare with the right flavor profiles and also at a moderate price.

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