Monday, March 10, 2014


UPDATE:  The grassroot movement to get Citibike into Harlem has now received over 1,000 signatures in less than 2 weeks.  This number show a huge interest for the program and hopefully will garner enough attention for the cause.   Healthier transportation options, cleaner air, less dependency on cars, and gas might be a strange idea to some but this concept has clearly attracted a lot of positive attention.  Go to the link below and help spread the word on the petition if you have not done so thus far. 

The Daily News has a story on how one fashion magazine editor who lives uptown is now launching the movement to get Citibike to arrive in Harlem.  William Buckley who moved from London to East Harlem has started a campaign through Change.Org that requests the city to not neglect Harlem in the popular Citibike program that has sprouted all over Manhattan in the past few years but has missed the more northern reaches of the island completely.  Queens and Brooklyn are even set to get their own bike stations in the near future but somehow uptown's iconic neighborhood has been left out once more.  With all the local residents who want to be less dependent on cars and also the many tourist that visit Harlem, this would make total sense for the city in our opinion.  A day after the story went up, 100 signatures have been received and those who want to support this idea should sign here:  LINK


  1. It really angers me that the DOT has overlooked Harlem. We're taxpayers too and we deserve access to this bike program. It's only fair.

  2. I would definitely sign up for Citibike if it came up here. We're so close to the park that there are many great places to ride. I would love to be able to ride a bike from my apt in South Harlem over to Fairway or across to the shops in East Harlem.