Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Notable critic Gael Greene visited The Cecil again and amongst her nuanced review, a keen observation is made that Harlem is one of the only parts of city that black and white folks dine together.    Ms. Greene mentions that the new uptown scene might be a little "too white and too pricey" for some of the older residents and then states that her guests were fine with the current level of diversity in the crowd.  The Insatiable Critic gives an overall approval stating that some of the food at The Cecil is remarkably good and the odd cocktails quite endearing: LINK


  1. I myself try to make it a point to dine at these new places in Harlem including The Cecil, Chez Lucienne, etc. I can't imagine traveling to other parts of the US and the world and meeting people who have visited here and not being able to chime in on the cuisine of a particular Harlem restaurant or the cocktails at a particular Harlem boite. People look at you strange when you declare you reside in NYC but haven't taken part in what it has to offer. And they are right. I know people born and raised here who have never been to the Empire State Building. Now that being said, I can only dine at these places when my pay check says I can, or at the expense of a new shirt, etc. But I will say this about the Harlem dining scene, its made me a more discerning & discriminating diner. And that's something I truly appreciate.

  2. I've been making a point to dine at Cheri. It's so unique and the food is excellent. I did not expect a restaurant so stylish to also have such good food - I feared the design was at the EXPENSE of the cuisine. Not the case. The set menu is still something to contend with, but overall, this is a venue I feel good giving my money too. And like Greg, feel that way about supporting businesses in Harlem generally - and not just restaurants!