Monday, April 7, 2014


Third time was a charm for the Harlem Food Truck Rally which was cancelled twice previously because of poor weather.  Almost a dozen trucks descended on Lower FDB/8th Avenue this past Saturday and hundreds showed up to enjoyed a variety of food along with some great spring weather.  We covered the event from about noon to 4:00PM and lines were formed almost immediately from merchants who sold everything from gourmet grilled cheese, Hibachi-style cuisine and lobster rolls.  After waiting in line for  about 10 minutes at Luke's Lobster Truck, we tasted one of the iconic rolls for $15 and change.

This frugal treat was totally worth it for the lone diner but we marveled at the fact that so many minority families were buying a couple for their young children.  Our immigrant  parents would definitely not have made this type of splurge when we were growing up!  Anyways, this all further enforces the fact that the neighborhood has definitely become diverse economically and folks are willing to spend their money uptown instead of going downtown.

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  1. That's me in the photo! It was a great event and turnout