Tuesday, April 29, 2014


So our post last week about better preservation efforts in Harlem has now brought for a new organization in Central Harlem who will focus more on various issues of keeping the historic nature of the neighborhood intact.  There still is missing a large representation for all of Harlem but maybe if the smaller groups all unite then that will happen one day.  See below for the new, nicely designed website and contact information for Central Harlem Neighbors:

Your post yesterday lit a fire under me to do something about the lack of historic preservation in Harlem.  I set up a website as a first step:www.centralharlemneighbors.org 

I will begin the process of setting up as a non-profit entity and have reached out to the GVSHP for a meeting, but will need some help getting things off the ground. I would greatly appreciate your assistance in getting the word out. Anyone interested in joining the effort should email me at amy@centralharlemneighbors.org