Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Even though Charter Schools are a hot topic these days, the official word is that most people are okay with them and only a fraction of the population are against them.  A Quinnipiac Poll last month confirms that only about 14 percent of those who participated are against them, 39 percent are fine with the current numbers and 40 percent want an increase.   With that said, maybe the focus now should be on how to work with the ones that do exceptionally well (since they are not all equal) and make sure that the children of the targeted communities are first in line.

Charters Schools and Affordable Housing have been the focus uptown for some times now but the reality is that all of Greater New York City can apply to them and this does not guarantee that the people of Harlem will directly benefit from this investment of public funds.

More about those stats in the Daily News: LINK

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