Thursday, April 10, 2014


Looking at the old storefront at 126 Hamilton Place, one would not really expect much but the arrival of Hog's Head Tavern should further place this section of West Harlem on uptown's hot spot map.  The most read post of the month has been on the future arrival of this craft brew bar that should be open by summer and the look of the space will be helmed by a design team known previously for doing the interiors of Ralph Lauren shops. With all that said, commercial rents in this part of town now might be more viable for smaller startups so we definitely think that the smarter businesses will be appearing above 135th Street in the near future.  More on Hog's Head Tavern can be found in our past post: LINK


  1. I think this is slightly incorrect--as far as I can tell, BHDM were just hired to do the interiors by a client, mentioned simply in the Cool Hunting piece as Irish. They are not the owners of the business.

    Interesting to see that this is another small bar, not dissimilar to Harlem Public. That place seems to barely contain the customers it draws.

    Also of note, this is pretty close to "Grill on the Hill," opening on Amsterdam at 140th in June. Add in The Grange and Il Caffe Latte and you have a nice little concentration of new spots.

  2. Yes the design of the space will be helmed by the BHDM and the owner is Irish. On another interesting note, this area used to be the Irish neighborhood in West Harlem and now it looks like the new businesses are taking that heritage into account.

  3. Yes - the owner is both Irish and lives in the neighborhood. He also owns a couple of places downtown. All in all, a professional with good experience so I have high hopes for the Hog's Head. Go Irish! Between The Grange, Hog's Head and Harlem Public, I am very happy to see the old 'nabe's Irish roots reasserting themselves.

  4. Yes it's great, but would also like to see more variety of cuisine starting to come up to hamilton heights.