Tuesday, April 29, 2014


A mysterious sign went up last month at 101 Edgecombe that appears to have announced the arrival of a future eatery and some major activity has been happening this past week.  A Bespoke reader mentioned that a construction crew was doing some demo at the old former deli storefront and we walked by yesterday to check it out.  The noise of the work at hand could be heard a block away and a dumpster was indeed at the corner of the street.  We could not get a good look at the permits on site and there are no clues that we could find online indicating the name of the new business by 139th Street.  Does anyone have any inside information out there to share?


  1. How exciting!!
    Cannot wait for the Menu...

  2. No idea. I've noticed the sign and am curious, too. Didn't someone say earlier that this was supposed to be a fancy coffee place?

  3. I understand it's a cafe that will be owned and operated by a long time Harlem resident who grew up in NYC and hails from a multicultural background. Suppose to be reflected in food, the coffees and the teas.

  4. I walked by this morning and they are doing a lot of work inside. I saw he bones of a counter--could be a bar or for coffee. But looked nice so far!

    Also, a construction wall has gone up in front of the Hog's Head space.