Wednesday, May 14, 2014


A new construction at 145 West 123rd Street just east of ACP/7th Avenue is finishing up and is offering a bit of newness to the architecture scene uptown.  We could do without the balconies on such a narrow structure but the wood panel facade and the industrial casement windows provide a look that we have not noticed with new constructions in greater Harlem.   Overall it's interesting at most and not too offensive for this brownstone block. The plain brick building next door is an example of developers going the other direction which basically means a lack of design efforts.  Since there was an empty lot here previously, this new addition is kind of refreshing for a change.


  1. I disagree about the balconies. The full glazing pulls it together. A nice effort, though it contrasts a bit strongly with the church. Perhaps as it weathers it will settle in.

  2. This block has a lot of construction going on. And some interesting contemporary architecture as well as fully restored brownstone facades. Nice juxtaposition. I think it will become a popular block for tourists to wander down to see old and new together on one street. I believe that this street is going to be included in the new Mount Morris Park extension, but just the south side of the street.