Thursday, May 22, 2014


There are quite a few porch houses still standing in Greater Harlem but only 3 blocks actually have multiple porch homes still intact in a straight row.  Only one of them is an official landmark block so evidently has been restored the most:

Astor Row, West 130th between Lenox and Fifth Avenue.  Astor Row is one of Harlem's most famous blocks and is an official New York City landmark so the homes are generally in better condition than most: LINK

West 153rd Street Porch Houses (pictured above), between Amsterdam and Broadway.  More of these porches were intact in the past but a few remain on this row facing Trinity Cemetery. Most have been altered with modern finishes.  Archival image courtesy NYPL

East 129th Street Porch Houses, between Park and Madison Avenue.  These row houses have crumbling porches all still intact but look to be in poor condition.  Hopefully they will be renovated in time some day before it is too late: LINK

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