Friday, May 9, 2014


Going through our Sugar Hill Market photos, we noticed that there were a couple of these great painted African Barber Shop signs over at John Reddick's area and asked the collector if he still had them.  Turns out they were sold right away this past Sunday.  These are basically what barbers in Africa use outside of their shops to advertise the hairstyles that they create.  Each painting is done by hand on a wood board and can be just simple black outlines or in full color.  On Ebay they go for up to $500 each and we always coveted to have one on our wall one day.  Apparently one lucky art collector saw the value and purchased the last pieces.


  1. That was me! I bought a ton of posters from Mr. Reddick. I was in Nigeria two years ago to celebrate their 50th Anniversary and in Lagos I saw a dude sitting on an old bar stool on the street with a couple of mirrors and some clippers and razor blades positioned ever so carefully in a hair comb (a la jailhouse style) and he had the exact same poster taped on cardboard sitting next to the mirror.

  2. Good score, Greg.