Friday, May 30, 2014


We finally got around to checking out Seasoned Vegan at 113th and St. Nicholas Avenue this past week after a couple of failed scheduling attempts.  Most vegetarian cuisine with mock meat that we have sampled in the past tended to taste a little too mysterious with base proteins that were seitan or some sort of soy-based, processed product that usually was just okay as far as flavor goes but had a random texture to it.

With all that said, we have to give some major credit to the new eatery in South Harlem since they somehow have reinvented vegetarian dining that actually does not taste like it was mixed in a lab.  I sampled the riblets which can be ordered by multiples of six and also a side of mac and cheese this first time around and my dining guest had an entree which was vegan crawfish (burdock based) in a basil sauce.  Everything was stellar and had a balance of flavors that worked together with textures that were not odd at all.  The mac and cheese was also al dente which was a nice touch.  Sometimes food in Harlem also tends to be overly flavored but Seasoned Vegan uses a steady hand with the spice and offers up a truly balanced option for dining uptown.  We will definitely be back to try more!


  1. I was there yesterday for lunch with a friend and it was not at all good. Mach and cheese tasted like medication. Portions were not what we were told they would be. The menu board was too far up to read comfortably. I ordered Ginger Beer as a beverage and got flavored Ginger Ale. I've hung out with enough West Indians to know the difference and that wasn't it. Real flatware and plates was a great feature but why did they just bring forks? Didn't we need to cut the Baked Chicken? Also the food was only luke warm. The string beans were good but overdone. Finally I found it expensive. The same meal for the two of us was $27.65.

    I know they they just opened but the mom and son team is not new to this. They've been around since about '11 at Lee Lees and Karrot. So they have some things they need to improve on. I want them to succeed, truly I do because we need these diverse offerings uptown and why should Uptown Vegetarian be the only game in town? So hopefully the owners at Seasoned Vegan will read their Yelp reviews & menupages reviews and take it seriously.

  2. My daughter and I aren't vegetarians nor vegans BUT we absolutely love the food here! We have been MANY times and will continue to frequent them! The "chicken" (fried, nuggets) is one of our fave proteins... absolutely delicious!