Monday, May 5, 2014


We mentioned over a month ago that La Cocinita Latina  at 398 West 145th Street had been going under a transformation of sorts and it looks like the new-ish eatery has been opened for a couple of weeks.  This was sort of a cramped non-descript Latin diner that one finds throughout West Harlem but now Agave has returned to take its place.  It appears to really just be an attempt make the place look a little more up market and the facade does look impressive.  Other than that, the interior is really a disorienting mix of modern and obvious trompe l'oeil stonework.  Apart from the interior, we do like that living foliage has been placed out front since this alway makes an outside location inviting.  Has anyone checked Agave out to see if the menu is the same?

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