Wednesday, June 11, 2014


The roses of Harlem are starting to bloom and the block at 139th Street just east of Edgecombe probably gets the award for the most extravagant display of the classic flowering foliage.  One house in particular located a bit further west on the block practically is covered beyond visibility with extravagant pink roses and we have never seen such a display in front of a home.  Between not having a lot of natural soil on hand and being mostly on a shaded side of the street, this urban gardener sure is the rose-whisperer of Central Harlem as far as we can see.


  1. I love this house! Every year I'm excited for the roses.

  2. I know the wonderful grower of the spectacular roses. at Cent. Harlem. Her traits of helping others, community involvement and love peace and joy for her fellow man are indicative of God showing His pleasure with her lifestyle. He shows and multiplies His Love for her. "You Go, God<" Thanks for sharing this for all to see.

  3. The reason these roses look so spectacular are due to my fathers love and care before his passing he attended to these Roses ..... AND I MUST SAY HE DID A HELLA OF JOB...... THIS BROWNSTONE HOLDS SO MANY MEMORIES FOR ME AND SO MANY OTHERS...... R.I.P DADDY YOU'RE TRULY MISSED....