Monday, June 30, 2014


Our best of the week feature basically highlights something remarkable in Harlem that we tried out for the first time. There are a lot of great eats in Harlem and this ongoing series will have the best of the best.

We have not been able to go back to Jin Kissaten until today and tried one of the Japanase donburi rice bowls in one of the spicier offerings.  The kimchee don served at this tiny boite below the 125th Street subway station at Broadway is a take on the traditional kimchee bimbop dishes found at many korean restaurants but done artistically in the Japanese fashion.  Instead of sliced spicy pork, one receives tender cuts of pork portions that have been grilled and laid over rice with a red fermented chili sauce.  Crisp radish kimchee, soft tofu cubes along with sliced scallions accompany this dish which is also accented with delicate enoki mushrooms.  The flavors are bold but actually not too spicy and we added a fried egg on top just for a little more richness to the dish.  We do not often spend $12 for lunch but its definitely worth it for this donburi dish.   Lunch service is now available along with dinner hours and no reservations are required.

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