Wednesday, June 4, 2014


As a Bespoke reader pointed out yesterday, a townhouse around the Morris-Jumel Mansion blocks of Sugar Hill made a record for Washington Heights with a sale at $2.21 million in April and we have to say that the original details are probably what inspired this transaction for Number 436 West 162nd Street.  The intact brownstone blocks and the amount of preserved woodwork inside is probably what inspires the high end buyer in the brownstone market along with some great original tiles. The lack of immediate amenities in the area becomes a non-issue in what seems to be a seller's market for those seeking this rare type of home.  It takes a lot of research and care to restore a house like this but records of the highest selling brownstones alway show that it pays off at the end.  More photos on Trulia: LINK

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  1. I bought 436 West 162nd Street and I am so in love. The details are so incredible that I can't help but look at it everyday and appreciate the work. Its a marvel that is all wonderfully preserved. 116 year old house with only four owners, all of which who cared tremendously for its upbringing! Thank you Harlem Bespoke for noticing! Love your blog!! Sara