Wednesday, June 18, 2014


One of our main issues with most coffee shops is that if one does not really have a sweet tooth, pastries are not always a great offering for someone who wants a quick bite.  Double Dutch Espresso by 118th Street and FDB has recently remedied this dilemma by adding a sandwich selection to its offerings.  We dropped by yesterday and had the marinated flank steak, kale and goat cheese option which came with a chilled couscous salad.   The bread was thick and had a nice, golden crust to it while the cooled skirt steak was cooked like a medium roast beef but more thickly sliced.  All the ingredients were on point but the one thing to note is that this is not a hot sandwich but made to order with formerly prepared items.

 For around $8.00 or so, this is a pretty substantial cafe option to have on the lower FDB corridor.  On our next visit, we will probably get the roast turkey and the gazpacho which has also been getting rave reviews.

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