Friday, June 13, 2014


A valuable abandoned corner lot at 318 West 135th Street will eventually be new, market-rate condos according to an article posted earlier in the quarter.   This parcel of land located directly on St. Nicholas Avenue has the train station right at the corner and was sold for $1.2 million to a developer who will eventually build a 12-unit new construction.  The Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce made the decision to sell the land so that the funds received could help repair some of the affordable unit buildings in the area but not all are happy with the news.  More details in The Real Deal: LINK

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  1. Well, people should not be upset and complaining. This money is going to help poor people quality life when their housing get some better maintenance given to the sale. They should be thanking this Harlem coorporation for saling this empty lot and using that money towards helping the community..