Tuesday, June 17, 2014


From what we can gather, the abandoned lot at 204 Lenox Avenue by 120th Street has not had a building on it for over 20 years or so.  This location is prime Mount Morris Park Historic District land so anything that gets built will probably have to match the original townhouse that once stood.  Does anyone know any other details about this lot?  If it belongs to the church next door, then it might just be tax exempt which would mean there will probably be not much of rush to sell it off anytime soon.

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  1. I haven wondered about this as well. I've thought about asking the owner of Barawine about it (he's at the restaurant most nights, greeting patrons).

    Speaking of that street, the building being renovated next door to Settepanni has finally had its facade revealed as of yesterday. But there are two or three burnt out "shells" next door. I wonder what will come of those as well. That stretch of Lenox Avenue is so beautiful and has so much potential.