Wednesday, July 2, 2014


We have come to realize that Harlem does not have a lot of intact Belgian stone streets left while on a recent visit in Manhattanville.   There are a couple of spots of exposed stone over by Dinosaur BBQ but the largest sections had been paved over during the construction phase of the new Columbia campus.  The underpass of the elevated subway just north of 125th Street on Broadway has a few patches also but it is over by the Mink Building at 127th Street that one will find more of the stonework that is often confused with cobblestone.

Over in East Harlem, the side streets just east of Pleasant Avenue actually have a full half block of the old Belgian Stone but not in the most ideal situation.  There are a couple of old rundown townhouses in the area but unfortunately the fantasy is ruined by the dead end walls of the new mall at that section of town.

Finally, at the top of Sugar Hill by the Morris-Jumel Mansion one will find probably the most intact block of townhouses and belgian stones north of 96th Street.  This is probably one of the only completely restored blocks in Greater Harlem that has historical houses intact on both sides and is complete with the old traditional stone streets out front.  Jumel Terrace which is also part of the historic block in front of the mansion also is complete but not really a main street.  Did we miss any other locations?


  1. If you count the edge of Harlem, there's 155th Street between Riverside and Broadway.

  2. You are absolutely right! On 155th by Broadway which borders Trinity