Wednesday, July 9, 2014


We purchased our first jar of Serrano Pepper spiced Pickled Collards at the last Sugar Hill Market from Patch NYC and went through it in about a week's time.  This is basically southern kimchee so we worked around recipes using starches as Korean would use rice.  Macaroni salad came to mind since cooks often throw in some pickled relish for some extra depth in flavor to the traditional picnic fare.  Elbows were cooked to almost al dente and then simmered in stock until the liquid was absorbed.  A smoke ham stock was used but vegetarians can substitute the savory base with their favorite alternative.  Let everything cool and then mix in the mayo with a tablespoon of good quality dijon to add a bit of color.  Slightly chop the pickled greens and add to taste.   This is a creamy macaroni salad with a little kick to it that will stand out at any summer BBQ.

Those who do not like it so spicy might want to reduce the amount of dijon and pickles added to the mix.  Other starches to consider instead of macaroni include black eye peas or even quinoa but omitting the mayo-dijon and using olive oil with the stock reduction instead.

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