Monday, July 28, 2014


The 2-family East Harlem townhouse at 2038 Madison by 129th Street had an initial asking earlier in the year closer to $3 million but now has been reduced to $2.3 million.  The renovations which includes a majority of original details and truly higher end, context finishes is one of the better ones we have seen uptown but Madison is pretty much a sleepy corner of the neighborhood.  With that said, the housing stock around the immediate blocks are quite nice and some record sales have been reported just one avenue over on Fifth in the past year.  More details on the broker site: LINK

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  1. Really a beautiful looking place, and that location is actually great. I'm not taken with the idea of using half the third floor for a bathroom and then squeezing 3 bedrooms on the 4th floor. My guess is that's a barrier to a record price. People will pay to live here in a nice place. But north of $700 per sq ft for a 400 sq ft bathroom feels like a stretch.