Thursday, July 10, 2014


Sylvan Terrace townhouses have been hovering under a million after the recession started a few years back and a now a home that just hit the market is asking $1.095 million.  We are huge fans of this block in the landmark neighborhood of Jumel Terrace which is unlike any other in New York City but there is still not a lot to do in the immediate area.  The interior is also upgraded with modern updates but is missing that extra something to get excited about in our opinion.  With all that said, for someone who likes to decorate their place and live in a quiet, picturesque environment, this might just be the investment since the entire house cost less than the average Manhattan apartment: LINK

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  1. I love this block. The style reminds me of san francisco. What a fantastic bargain and great long term investment with the amenities coming farther north every day