Friday, August 29, 2014


Finding a brownstone that is not a total gut renovation for under $1 million these days in Harlem is a rare sight but Number 2289 ACP/7th Avenue might be the right fit for the those entry level buyers at the asking of $999K. The location just below 134th Street is actually a pretty decent block with Shrine and Yatenga being the major attractions. St. Nicholas Park and the express train at 135th and Lenox are also just a block away.   So what are the main issues here?  The first reason that the price is on the lower side is that a rent stabilized tenant has a lease on the top floor of this 2-unit abode which should really be a single-family home.  Since the total width of the townhouse appears to be around 12 feet or even less, there is only half the livable space one typically finds in a Harlem home.  With all that said, those great and decorating small spaces could do wonders with this one: LINK

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