Friday, August 15, 2014


We have noticed that a few breakfast burgers have arrived on the menu in Harlem within the past year or so.  The Grange in Hamilton Heights has a version of the this morning-to-lunch combo which usually includes one fried egg but we have yet to try it.  Harlem Public on Broadway by 149th also has a decadent version which includes egg and bacon on the beef patty set between an English muffin.  This version looks to be the champ of them all but is definitely not for the timid or calorie counters.  For the first time out, we dropped by Harlem Shake at the corner of 124th on Lenox to try this new culinary combination and was pretty impressed.  The egg provides an additional rich sauce to the more basic burger experience and it pretty much taste like a fancier version of the breakfast sandwiches that one typically finds in the morning.  Has anyone tried the breakfast burger at the other eateries uptown?

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  1. Called a Bo burger in upstate ny. Add poutine and
    You have instant heart attack