Tuesday, August 26, 2014


The surprise retail corridor that has popped up in Central Harlem for summer 2014 is actually upper ACP/7th Avenue.  Ponty Bistro heralds the major change since this eatery is the second branch from the Gramercy Park location and knows what they are doing.  This reminds us of the time when Chez Lucienne debuted on Lenox Avenue over 5 years ago and slowly major players starting arriving on the boulevard.   Next up will be a cafe called Hyacinyth's Haven which is located directly across the way by West 138th Street.

Hyacinth's Haven is in a close proximity to the more substantial bistro which adds an organic synergy to the retail of the area that has been missing for some time.  The Strivers Row neighborhood is a prime audience for this sort of development since homes have been selling at around the $2 million price point.  Then there is the designer Victor De Souza who has set up women's boutique just another block south.  We can not remember any time in the past few years that 3 notable stores have opened within months of one another in a 3 block radius.  As mentioned previously, with rents increasing further south, many new businesses are looking north: LINK

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