Thursday, August 7, 2014


Our chef associate who founded Patch pickles just recently posted this great story on the Patch Journal website.  There are so many kind folks in Harlem and not enough of these stories get told nowadays. Chef Seth Johnson hails originally from Georgia, works locally at Corbin Hill CSA and sells regularly at Sugar Hill Market:

At the previous Sugar Hill Market in Harlem, I had the pleasure of meeting sweet Ms. Annie Dixon! Typically I will decorate my table with a country table cloth, my pickles of course, and also my skillets as I usually bring cornbread for samples. Ms. Dixon took notice of my skillets and asked if I use them a lot. I replied that I collect them and that it's almost all I use because of their durability and strength. She proceeded to tell me about a skillet that her late husband would use all the time. A very large skillet, complete with a lid, that he had used for over 20 years! I loved listening to her story about her skillet as I am quite passionate about them. She then asked me if I wanted it!

I was shocked that she would give away such a great treasure. She explained to me that it was too heavy for her and she just can't use it anymore. I tried to offer her something, but she refused. Of course, I couldn't say no to such an amazing offer. Later that day, we met again and exchanged skillets and phone numbers to keep in touch. I'm thinking about cooking something special for her one day to surprise her with. I was so happy to have Ms. Annie as her gift was the cherry on the top of my day! It just goes to show how skillets are generational and something really to treasure. Thank you Ms. Annie Dixon! I will be making some fried green tomatoes very soon!



  1. Beautiful and touching story!

  2. what a great story. thanks for sharing.

  3. Sweet story! Thanks for posting. Would love to see more like this on HB.