Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Activity at the old Hamilton Theatre site in the past few weeks indicated that a new tenant might be moving into the landmark building at the corner of 146th and Broadway but this arrangement will apparently only be temporary.  Signs up at the building now indicate that one of those Halloween pop-up shops will be set up in the coming weeks and will most definitely remain within until the end of October.  We personally would love a great concert or performance venue to return here or even a movie theater but that will probably not happen until a developer comes along that be willing to invest in condos at the back end of the building: LINK


  1. After seeing how plans to revitalize the Colosseum theater fell through it really doesn't inspire confidence. But I do believe that right now the local market is ready for a movie house or concert venue simply from seeing new businesses beginning to populate that immediate corridor. It requires some boldness and a clear vision from whoever is at the helm but with the right financing and addition of residential units to ensure profitability (ala Victoria Theater) it is quite possible.

  2. This would be a great location for Trader Joe's. I hope the owners approach trader joe's to lease their building.

  3. Yes a trader's joe's or westside market.