Thursday, January 15, 2015


We were out on the streets today taking photos and ran into Harlem's notable gilding expert who invited us in to see their new studio in Manhattanville.  This area by Amsterdam and 126th Street used to be Harlem's only brewery a century ago and now has many under-construction commercial spaces within.  A lot of the adjacent factory interiors of what is now called the Mink Building is still unused but some artisans such as See. have recently set up shop.  Harlem's gold leaf specialist have been responsible for the gold lettering in restaurants such as Balthazar and regularly touches up numbers on the glass entrances of local brownstones or new businesses.  What's left of the remaining industrial areas of West Harlem is finally being put to use by local artisans and the gilding studio shows how any old space can be restored for modern use.  Those who want to know more about uptown's 22 karat craftsman should check out our past post: LINK

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